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Discusión iTunes y GEARAspiWDM en el Programas dentro de Foros Trucos Windows | Foro Oficial de HijackThis; Hola, desde hace 2 semanas al abrir iTunes me salia un error de los controladores ...
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    07 jun, 05

    desde hace 2 semanas al abrir iTunes me salia un error de los controladores de CD y DVD, me decia que lo volviera a instalar pero no lo hice porque seguia funcionando bien.

    El otro dia lo desinstale e intente volver a instalarlo.

    Mediante el Apple Software Update me da error y me dice que intente instalarlo manualmente.

    Instalandolo manualmente me da el siguiente error:

    No se puede instalar el conjunto de drivers GEAR en este momento. El conjunto de drivers GEAR utiliza el servicio GEARAspiWDM, que se eliminará la próxima vez que se reinicie el sistema. Reinicie el sistema y ejecute de nuevo iTunes.

    Reinicio el sistema y nada, me vuelve a salir el mismo error.

    Lo he intentado tambien el modo a prueba de fallos pero no me deja instalarlo.

    ¿Qué puedo hacer?


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    07 jun, 05
    ¿Nadie sabe nada sobre este tema?

    Encontré esta información pero no he conseguido nada:

    In addition to this driver, the system also updates the GEARAspiWDM.sys driver (in Windows\System32\Drivers). I had to dig deep to discover this change, which is not documented anywhere. This driver is typically used with third-party programs that write to CD and DVD drives. The old iTunes versions of this driver is dated January 29, 2008. The new one is from April 17, 2008. This driver has a long and colorful history of causing Windows crashes. [Update 17-Sep: After looking deeper, I can confirm that Apple’s driver is the culprit and that Gear’s driver is unrelated to these crashes. In fact, Gear’s signed driver might even be an innocent bystander in a separate iTunes support issue. See my follow-up post “Apple, not Gear, deserves the blame for iTunes crashes” for details.] I remember dealing with it back in Windows 2000 days. And sure enough, a search for GEARAspiWDM.sys BSOD turns up thousands of hits. I’ve also found anecdotal reports of this driver causing iTunes to crash, including this one from the Gear Software forum last May. The image below shows the Previous Versions dialog box, which I used to determine that the file had been updated.

    When I plugged an iPod Nano into my Windows Vista system for the first time, it offered to install a driver and then asked me to reboot. When I restarted, I plugged in the iPod again and the machine locked up solid. No blue screen, just a black screen that didn’t respond to any input. After a restart, I tried again and got the same result when I attempted to open iTunes.

    For the third try, I decided to replace the GEARAspiWDM.sys driver file with its earlier version. I used the Previous Versions feature of Windows Vista Ultimate to find the older version, copied it to my desktop, deleted the newer driver, and then copied the January version to the Drivers folder. This time iTunes opened just fine, displaying the contents of the iPod. (When I simply deleted the driver file, I got an error upon starting iTunes warning me that my installation was incomplete and that I might not be able to burn CDs or DVDs until I completed it.)

    sacada de aquí

    Es que parecía error de iTunes pero ahora parece que es de los drivers del CD/DVD



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